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Fort Myers Rage Room Just One of Those Dayz Recycles
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Fort Myers Rage Room is Earth Friendly

I, myself, 40 years of age, my nephew, age 15, just broke up with his girlfriend, my husband 55 years of age, and my mother 67 years in age. Such a well run, super friendly, safety gear and guidelines, thought I’d be over it after breaking a plate or two. I ended up destroying the place with my family. Literally breaking everything you could in sight. I myself thoroughly enjoyed launching an ornate, perfectly good wooden chair all “Jerry Springer” about it against a huge steel wall. The whole family had a blast and worth every penny. Lots of cool weapons to choose from and change out during your session. The bowling pins as weapons were my favorite. Thanks for the amazing experience. Top notch treatment!  -Wife of Matthew K



Fort Myers Rage Room

1944 Winkler Avenue
Fort Myers, FL 339901

Now LIVE Streamed on EarthCam and YouTube Live!
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Flower Hour
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Flower Hour!
Fort Myers Rage Room Just One of Those Dayz is Earth Friendly

Why doesn't Just One of Those Dayz offer TV's, printers and computers?

At Just One of Those Dayz we try to be as earth conscious as possible by using glass, metal and wood.  While we want you to have an amazing time, we don't want to leave our footprint on the earth! 

Plus, smashing a toaster oven from 1979 is much more fun than smashing a tv that's made of plastic!  All of our metal heads straight to the recycling plant to be repurposed into other products!

All of our liquor botttles are sourced and recycled from two local distilleries!

We are currently working on purchasing a glass crusher!  With the glass crusher, we can make sand and give back to the community in times of need.

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1944 Winkler Avenue

Fort Myers, FL 33901


WOW!! Exactly what we didn’t know we needed! An amazing experience where we just let loose and had fun! So many options to break, throw, hit, rip, and …. RAGE! Will definitely be back as we had an absolute blast! We were sweaty and greeted with cold water post completion as well as a video! Thanks for having us.

Megan G

If you want to vent out or just having fun thinking what to do here is one of the list you can do very good experience 1st time doing rage room and me & hubby love it. The owner are very nice organize tell you everything and share story about everything very friendly too.


Thank you for making this rage room alot of people need this in this crazy world we living in. We all have one of this days that we need to vent all the bad spirits in our body bcos we are just human. 

Cindy M

The concept of the rage room itself is already one of the best ideas I've heard of for a business, I had a lot of fun and got to release so much stress that I didn't even know I had. The owner was just so nice, he explained everything and made us feel so comfortable, Fort Myers is a 2h drive for us but the amazing experience makes us want to come back soon!

Laninia L

We had the absolute best time! The owners are super nice and explain the entire process and let you do your thing. You get to pick the music and it’s nice and loud for you to get in the smash zone. Definitely recommend adding the paint splatter because that was incredibly fun. They gave us amazing photos and TikTok videos which were hilarious to watch. Highly recommend and we will be back!

Katelyn E

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